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The School of Athens

The above image is a painting by Raphael titled The School of Athens.  It depicts significant philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians of classical antiquity.  These great minds are the inspiration behind The School of Athens.

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First and foremost,

The School of Athens is an ideal. It is the pursuit of literature, poetry, history, philosophy, civics, political science, art, music, mathematics, science, rhetorical skills, and colloquy in the classical tradition.


The School of Athens is committed to the exploration of the most noble ideas, artistic and intellectual accomplishments of mankind, using the highest standards of andragogy and group decorum.


The School of Athens is an independent, unaffiliated adult academy which provides intellectual fellowship: educational and social activities of intellectual value. 

Examples of these activities include course offerings characteristic of interactive and /or didactic classroom instruction, book discussion, formal debates, colloquy and group educational excursions.

Along the way, we enjoy each others' company and class contributions. And no tests, and no grades.

Rows of Classical Columns
Open Book


The School of Athens is the title of a book in progress.  It is a frame narrative about a group of persons associated with the school.  The School of Athens is an adult academy which provides intellectual and social activities of educational value.


A group of The School of Athens members are traveling together on a cruise (or pilgrimage).  Each evening, the group meets to listen to a story or presentation of educational value, presented in turn, each evening, by one of their fellow travelers. There are 10 such inner stories.

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The School of Athens is located in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina region

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