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Blaine Paxton Hall

BS, MHS-CL, PA-C, Emeritus, DFAAPA (Ret)

Creator and Founder of The School of Athens

  • Distinguished Fellow of the AAPA (American Academy of PAs)

  • PA-C Emeritus, NCCPA (National Commission for the Certification of PAs

  • Retired from Duke Medical Center

    • Inpatient Acute Care Nephrology and Hospital Medicine, Sr. Clinician

    • Associate Professor appointment for Duke PA Program instructing


Blaine's CV

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Independent Scholar:

The School of Athens, creator and founder

Founder of the Duke Adult Gender Medicine Clinic (Jan 2018)

Founder of the American Academy of Nephrology PAs (1997)

Twice nominated Innovator of the Year for course Math Anxiety Reduction at Central Piedmont Community College


NEW:   See my StoryCorps Interview August 2023;  "My Complex Task of Finding Home"


Invited Speaker to Duke OLLI Symposia, February 14, 2023

NC Medical Society Policy Committee 2023

NC Medical Society Foundation Board of Trustees 2019 through 2021

NC Medical Society Leadership College Scholar (2007)

First Chair of the first Diversity Committee of the NCAPA (2007)


Instructor for Duke OLLI Continuing Education Department

BS Roosevelt University, Chicago

Physician Associate Training, Wake Forest Univ School Medicine

MHS-CL (Clinical Leadership), Duke Univ School Medicine

Repeated Calc 1 and 2 for college credit 2018-2019. Have completed through Calculus 3 and Differential Equations.

Author of numerous articles, essays and of Hestia’s House, a literary memoir with the overarching theme of home.

Service / Volunteering:

As a member of the English-Speaking Union:  judging annual Middle School Debate Contest in Moore County

Founding Member and Lifetime Circle of Friends Member of the PA History Society (2002 and 2022 respectively)

Sole medical provider at Moore Free Care Clinic (2005) 

"One of the authors of the WPATH SOC (Standards of Care), versions 7 and current version 8

Duke Medicine Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisory Council 2014 

Stakeholder’s, and Patient Advisory Boards of the Duke Adult Gender Medicine Clinic. 2021 

Editorial Board of the North Carolina Medical Journal


Hillsdale College;  Endowed Scholarship

Wake Forest University School of Medicine;  Endowed Scholarship

Sandhills Community College: Annual Scholarship;

Life Memberships:


Duke University Alumni Association

North Carolina Medical Society

North Carolina Friends Historical Society

UNC Alumni Association / GAA

PA History Society

Ohioana Library Assciation



“Outstanding PA of the Year” by the NCAPA (2004)


For Detail:

PA History Society Profile Page:

Personal website:

StoryCorps Interview:

Ohioana Library Author Profile:

Blaine lives at Hestia’s House in a bucolic, magical village…

Hestia's House

A fairy ring, also known as a fairy circle, elf circle or pixie ring. A naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms. During a period of much rainfall, they may “pop up” magically overnight. Fairy rings are the subject of folklore and myth worldwide.

Magic berries from which comes “ambrosia of the gods".

Turtles sunbathing.

This is Artemis, named after the Greek goddess of deer. I have seen her numerous times around Hestia’s House for years. The deer appears in the mythology, folk and fairy tales of numerous cultures.

Artemis, posing.

The sweet smell of summer hay.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Eschew biting off more than you can chew.

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